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NOW Available on Amazon!

Get Your Copy Today!  Free Shipping!

The Real Truth: Eat, Sleep, Breathe and Wait to Lose Weight

After I started losing weight, I shared what I was doing with my Godbrother, and he did the same.  He told me I needed to share it.

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Private Groups

Before Knowledge, this is what my unhealthy looked like.  I found the truth and have started sharing.  Here are the safe support groups to give you the truth, guidance, coaching, and accountability that you need to reach your goal of normal weight.  Entrance is restricted and by invitation only.

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Public Speaking

Speakers are available to come speak to any sized group to share this truth in an engaging, informative, entertaining and inspirational way that will encourage all to get on that path to normal weight and to maintain it once attained.

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The Real Truth

46,000,000 Americans are obese (30,000,000 adults)!

Life expectancy for the obese is 5 to 20 years lower than those of normal weight.

Have you noticed all of the young people having strokes and heart attacks?  Do you notice that more and more people are being diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure at earlier and earlier ages?

Have you or a loved one had a health scare,  yet?  Unfortunately, if you haven't, you are going to.

Do you realize that all of these conditions are preventable illnesses?  And all of this happened for a reason!

If you will learn the truth which is easily learned and applied, you need not be a statistic.


Weight Loss Testimonials

See how others are also easily losing weight this way!

Next Steps...

Engage with us and help share our message.  Whether you buy the book with the most truth on this subject ever, apply to join our group for more support and knowledge or arrange a speaking engagement for your group or loved ones, is up to you.  The only wrong thing to do is nothing.


I am not a doctor and I don't claim to be one.  I am not promoting any cure for any disease or condition. I am documenting and sharing my personal positive experience resulting in significant weight loss and increased health benefits I have gained through research and discovery of how my body works.  Upon the urging of my Godbrother, I am sharing this information with my family and friends and those who are doing what I have done are experiencing weight loss and health benefits for themselves.

I am required by law to say that as with all health related issues, you should consult with your doctor before taking any actions.  And as always, in any health emergency, please call 911.