This is where I will answer the questions that come up in my research and that you ask me through the contact page or through the blog comments section. I am open to any question you have.

They say I should exercise to lose weight. Is this true?

No this is not true and in fact exercising while you are still overweight will basically result in you consuming more calories after you work out than you burned off during the work out and where does that get you? You can run for an hour and burn 400 calories. A big Gatorade and a hamburger or ham sandwich and you will have put those calories right back in your body.

Do I need to follow a special restrictive diet to lose weight?

I have more good news for you! The truth is no! You can eat whatever you want to eat if you will follow the truth that is revealed in my book. This is not a diet. 98% of diets fail because they are not based on truth. I don’t want you to fail and you will not if you follow the truth.

What can I expect if I follow your book?

The problem of obesity is enormous and growing! The BMI or Body Mass Index is a great number that takes your height and weight and produces a number on a scale from underweight on the low end to morbidly (abnormal and unhealthy) obese. As your BMI indicates that you are above normal and into the overweight category, your risk of preventable illnesses starts to increase exponentially as your weight continues to rise. The longer you stay above normal, the more your risks of a dangerous health event increases. We need to get our weights in the normal range regardless of how we do this whether using the truth in my book or doing anything else. If you will follow the truth in my book you will get there in the cheapest and safest way possible – naturally!