"A group of committed individuals who share the same values can not be stopped on their mission!"

Welcome to the Club!

There are 2 levels of Club Membership!

  1. Free Facebook Group - This group is for basic information and posts from Coach J.  To join, submit a contact form requesting an invitation and one will be sent to you.

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2.  Premium Club Membership - Right Here

This is a support and research group with a closed membership designed to help us all along to our goals of normal weight ranges with more interaction than the free closed group on Facebook.

As a member of this Members Only Club, you have access to private gallery and videos on the subject, a private group forum and individual coaching from Coach J (on a first come and availability basis).

The Founding Club members have all expressed just how valuable the group setting is as we keep informed, keep motivated, and experience the progress that we each make towards our goals.

With 30,000,000 obese adults in America, the need for what we envision on this mission to help all is enormous.  It may cause demand beyond our capacity.  We will evolve with this expansion as we grow.

Initially, Club Membership will be $1 per day for unlimited access to the private group forum.  Lifetime membership is $500.

Use this membership as long as you need it and cancel it at anytime it is no longer of value to your weight goals.

You may only need one year to reach your goals no matter how unreal that sounds to your now.  You may need less.  We want to make the club fun enough for you to stay for life but we understand that life moves on and after you reach normal life that you may too.

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