The Real Truth Book

Here is the first book to be totally dedicated to the truth in fat burning and weight loss that is based on my losing 35 pounds in 4 months. The weight loss books out there are on diets (98% fail) and exercise (not needed to lose weight). I dug deep and found the truth and now I am making it available so all can learn it and pass it on to others.

Club Membership

Our Clubs are a safe and positive support groups where you can join either our free closed Facebook group or our Premium Interactive Group on this site giving you access to the entire site and coaching in a group and individual setting (while we can) as you progress through your weight loss journey down to normal weight. Premium Membership is only $1 a day.  Stay a member as long as you like!  Lifetime memberships available.

Public Speaking

Coach J is available to speak to groups by telephone, video conference or in person. No group is too large or too small when there is the opportunity to spread more truth.


Truth versus Lies

The truth is out there and so are the lies. Unfortunately, because money is the motive for most, we see all of these supposed solutions that are sold to us although they are not the best solution available like $10,000 for liposuction when a $20 book contains a better pathway to health.

The Value of Your Health

Hopefully, you have not had to have a health scare like I did to realize the value of your health.  I have done the hard work of research to find the truth in today's cash driven world.  You just need to make yourself available to the truth.

Next Steps...

Today is the day that you take that next step towards the truth that will fuel you towards your goal of weight loss