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The Real Truth: Eat, Sleep, Breathe, Wait and Lose Weight

I had a health scare when I got my blood tested last summer.  It changed my life.  I knew changes were going to come and I embraced the challenge of finding the truth that I needed to live a long and healthy life.

In the middle of my research, I noticed that I looked thinner in the mirror.  I took a picture because it was amusing not thinking anything of it.  I weighed myself and that's when my draw dropped.  I was 20 pounds down and I hadn't done anything hard.

So I looked at what I had done and when I realized it I had to laugh it was so simple.  I continued doing it and the pounds kept coming off.

I was touched by the death of people around 50 (like Luke Perry from stroke) and thought that something should be done about it.

I shared it with my Godbrother who's wife had had a stroke and subsequent heart failure before 50.  I shared it with fraternity brothers who had slowly put on a little extra weight at a time over the years.  I shared it with a friend who called for my from his hospital bed (6 months earlier we would have just been talking about movies).

And in each case it worked and I knew I had discovered a truth of value to us all.

When I looked to see the availability of this truth, all I found was a perpetuation of lies and never a compilation of the truth that I was researching every day.

So I put together my own book and it will contain the truth that I used and you may use as well.  I discuss:

The Lies in Understanding Weight Loss

The Truth of Digestion and Fat Burning

The Ease in Control of Weight Loss

The Truth About Diet

The Truth About Exercise

The Exact Protocol I followed to Lose 35 Pounds in 4 Months

How Easy It Is for Me to Maintain the Weight Loss

The Results of The First Friends I Shared This Truth With.

Whatever your weight goals, you can reach them with this truth.  The benefits of even losing 5% of your weight will be tremendous and when you see how easy it is to start losing weight when you do so the natural way, I believe that you will continue until you reach your goal which I would hope would be of reaching and maintaining your normal weight.

What is the value of your health?  Is it the $10,000 that you would pay for liposuction to risk your life and have a solution that is only temporary and will eventually be regained?  Is the threat or eventual realization of a stroke, heart attack, diabetes, or high blood pressure causing significant sickness worth a small investment of time and personal commitment to take easy steps to make sure you lessen the chance of either of the above to happen?

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