The following friends and family have done what I have done and each one of them are seeing the benefits of weight loss in their own lives.  Here are summaries of their results.


My Godbrother is the first person with whom I shared this protocol hoping that he would apply it to his life to lose the weight I knew he needed to lose. And he has. Jay's wife, Sophia, was also obese and she had suffered her first stroke before reaching 50 years of age. Soon after that she experienced heart failure exhibiting a state of health definitely going the wrong way. In sharing with Jay to help him lose weight, I was hoping that his positive results would also spread to his wife because the truth that I have found will help all who apply it.

Jay would later tell me that his highest weight was 220 though when he started weighing for me is weight was 201 pounds on March 22, 2019. Now, you should now that Jay is 5 foot 6 inches tall.

Flash forward to April 22, and Jay was on the scale at 178.8 pounds.

And now his weight is 176 and continuing to fall pound by pound. He would joke that had had not been in the 180's in 20 years and now he is below that.



My fraternity brother Shannon Moore is the second person with whom I shared my protocol. When I last saw Shannon he looked kinda big and when I told him about what I was doing he said that it was interesting. He had tried to lose a little bit of weight but could never seem to get down past a few pounds. I assured him that if he would follow this truth, he would get all the way down to his normal weight. He was interested and accepted the challenge.

On April 1, he sent me the first picture of his weight. Because he has to weigh himself in a public place, he will have on clothes in the picture but all is well as he wears the same clothes every time he weighs so we can still track the weight loss and the even better news is that we know that clothes and shoes add around 4 pounds so he is even lighter than on the scale. No matter where you are or what your circumstance, as Shannon shows, you can start on the road to a healthier you!

Shannon is 6 feet one half inch tall. He started at 235.8 pounds. On May 26, Shannon was down to 222.4 – a weight loss of 13 pounds which is more than 5% of his body weight. And as 5% decreases in body weight bring about health benefits, Shannon can attest to just how much better he feels.  As Shannon wrote to me in text space “Our weight loss effort has given me great eating habits, discipline, and information on the importance of great health.”



My fraternity brother Michael Perry is the third person with whom I shared my protocol. Michael started the protocol at 262 pounds on April 8, 2019. Being 6 feet tall, this made him Obese. When I was talking to Shannon about what I was doing I asked about Michael. He said that Michael was big. When I went on Facebook and looked him up, I could see for myself. I reached out to him with what I had done and he was instantly interested in hearing more and experiencing it for himself.

The good news about truth is that when it can be seen it is very powerful and influential.

Michael is an engineer so he liked the science behind it all and he could understand the application of what I am doing. He has been very encouraging to me to share this information far and wide because of the good it can also do for others.

Michael's first two weeks doing intermittent fasting and he dropped 8 pounds.

I talked to him recently and he has dropped 18 pounds and he is convinced of the value of what we are doing and beginning to share with others.

As Michael would express to me over text message, “Jan, This is amazing... Wow, God is using you mightily. You are changing lives... I conduct a man's meeting every Monday with about 30 men. And I'm sharing all that you are sharing. The world needs what you are doing. The goal is 40 (he's almost halfway there at 18).”

I  have more and more testimonials but the point is the same, when we get educated as to how our bodies work and actually follow the simple and easy program, ALL have weight loss and positive results and feel better immediately!

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